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I definitely remember hearing the muffled sounds of “Controversy” through the door to my sister’s room when I was a kid, and that’s forbidden and I wonder why. And then for everybody who grew up in the ‘80s the music was omnipresent and it’s amazing.

Back then the thrill of going and digging through the crates to find – was there one of these 12” singles that was still in print, and doing that.

European women are undoubtedly some of the most desirable women on the planet and Dream Marriage has made it easier than ever to flirt, talk, chat and more with these lovely ladies.

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Some 20 years after the introduction of the Internet, we may ask whether these potentials have been, or are in the process of being, realized.

Prince was an early adopter, it turns out, and the tech journalist and entrepreneur Anil Dash has been following him online from the very beginning.

I knew Anil would have a lot of insight to offer about Prince’s online life; what I didn’t expect, and was delighted to learn, is that he’s even traded a few AIM chats with the man himself. You’ve developed this real love of Prince that is so palpable, and I think of you almost as a historian of Prince’s relationship to technology and to his fans.

Extrapolating from the properties of a technology to its social effects a paradigm known as technological determinism (Markus, 1994) tends to overlook the fact that the development and uses of any technology are themselves embedded in a social context, and are shaped by that context (Kling et al., 2001).

Does the Internet alter deeply rooted cultural patterns of gender inequality, or do those patterns carry over into online communication?

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