Slingerland drum dating

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1946 either Henry Heanon or Heanon Henry and his wife, Naomi (Noni) Solick Slingerland, in 1912.

The company started out importing ukeleles from Germany but set up its own production because it could not meet demand.

Try actually emailing or writing MD, I've read numerous times people asking for information on a drum they have, and have given a serial number. Hello, I don't know if your familiar with taking wraps off but I recently took a wrap off an old set of rogers and found that there are voids in the outer ply that have to be filled in which would affect the finish.

Thank you in advance Try to post a picture of the badge when you can....

I think Kevin may have hit the nail on the head though with the 1970 call.

Everything I have seen on here so far starts at 100k.

I know these things are hard to go off just a serial number, but what year does this sound like?

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