Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas example

A few months ago I used Spring Web Services to build a POX (Plain Old XML, not SOAP) web service for work.It was a good experience, and Spring-WS made creating a POX service pretty easy.In this tutorial we will integrate Spring WS 2 and Spring 3 MVC.

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SAXNot Recognized Exception: Feature: This exception is thrown when on this line:Feature(" true); Anyone know why? Paul Strack In this what is the value for DTD in "system With(DTD)" to be given? SAXException;public class Schema Loader implements Entity Resolver Are you using Xerces-J 2.4.x, 2.5.x, or 2.6.x ?

Using XML marshalling makes it easy to work with object oriented methodologies.

spring Ws supports different Object-XML frameworks namely JAXB (1 and 2), Castor, Ji BX, XStream and XMLBeans.

This year started on a good note, another one of those “the deadline won’t change” / “skip all the red tape” / “Wild West” type of projects in which I got to figure out and implement some functionality using some relatively new libraries and tech for a change, well Spring 3 ain’t new but in the Java 5, weblogic 10(.01), Spring 2.5.6 slow corporate kind of world it is all relative. Resource; @Endpoint public class Example Service Endpoint The Code: Custom Validation Callback Handler This was my bit of custom code I wrote to extend the Abstact Callback Handler allowing us to use LDAP. Initializing Bean; import Authentication Manager; import Username Password Authentication Token; import org.springframework.

Due to general time constraints I am not including too much “fluff” in this post, just the nitty gritty of creating and securing a Spring 3 , Spring WS 2 web service using multiple XSDs and LDAP security. Payload Root; import org.server.endpoint.annotation. Request Payload; import org.server.endpoint.annotation. As per the comments in the Callback Handler below, it’s probably a good idea to have a cache manager, something like Hazelcast or Ehcache to cache authenticated users, depending on security / performance considerations.

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