Javascript validating username and password with database

We will create Java Script functions (one for each input field whose value is to validate) which check whether a value submitted by user passes the validation.All those functions are called from another function.Here you will learn how to develop PHP login page using My SQL database. what happens what happens when you submit your credentials to any login page.You will understand the login application how it actually works in the real time here.

The query thus returns a record and allows this user to login.

It sets the focus to the input field until the user supplies a valid value.

When the user does so, they may proceed and can supply value to the next available field.

This PHP login application uses My SQL database to store user information and all the input parameters are validated with javascript.

Each line is explained with comments for easy understanding, especially for newbies. PHP login page using My SQL database and validations " data-medium-file="https://i2com/

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