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When it comes to her life off-screen, Leslie Bennetts writes, she's equally courageous.

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In pretty much all senses but one," Williams explains. "My friend Busy and her husband Marc [Silverstein] said, ‘Michelle, you're in like a blackout zone, everybody is now partnered up and you have to wait for people to start getting divorced.' Oh my f--king God. Photographed by @Ryan Mc Ginley Studios A photo posted by PORTER magazine (@portermagazine) on As for what she might be looking for in a partner, Williams is quite the homebody. I just want to stay home and take care of people," she notes.

"I would be able to go totally down that line of thinking were it not for Matilda not having her dad. I mean, it just won't ever be right." star adds that being a single mother is a constant challenge. "But I'm also happy with myself and just because I might have a desire to be with someone…

’" "This is where we lived, and he won’t know where we are.

And now I can’t believe I thought that," Williams, 36, continued.

You know, that’s just something that doesn’t – I mean, it just won’t ever be right.” MICHELLE WILLIAMS COVERS THE WINTER ESCAPE ISSUE: As part of our issue celebrating the year's most incredible women, the enigmatic actress opens up about love, loss and moving on in #PORTERMagazine."Sometimes it can feel alienating; at school functions, there's only two of us single mothers.Everyone else has a partner, so we buddy up." Still, Williams isn't looking for a romantic partner anytime soon."Well, on the third take, Michelle fell off the sled, and at the bottom of the hill she was crying.She'd twisted her knee, and we had to call someone to take her to the hospital." Ossana continued: "Heath was not about to let her go alone, and as he was getting into the vehicle with her he was smoothing her hair back.

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