Dating the nice guy

I am very attracted to men who are outgoing, confident, and charming. However, the guy I've been dating is very shy and introverted, which tends to drive me nuts.I am the dominant one in this relationship, whereas in the past I've always dated dominant guys.If you’ve ever wondered why your pal’s voluntarily surrendered his man card and settled in for the long slow ride to the Land of the , read on.Just as Groucho Marx famously said, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member,” men famously do not want what they can have with ease, especially women.

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This isn't fair on Chris and I should be more accepting.I've recently turned 30 and been dating a really nice guy for the last two years.Just like everyone else, I've had a dysfunctional history of dating the "wrong guy", bad boys, assholes, and the emotionally unavailable.Get the hell out of there before that evil succubus (read: bitch) eats you alive!” These days, “bitch” is a term that’s bandied about with fair frequency, even outside the AKC.

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